EGO ARCHITETTURA was born as a design and building company founded by a team of professionals with the common goal  of a continuous research in the world of ARCHITECTURE  and its various facets, providing a complete turnkey service.

EGO ARCHITETTURA operates in the construction sector in broader sense, approaching the project of a property through the study of the environment and the interiors as parts of a unique work of DESIGN. In this way starts, together with the customer, a careful analysis to understand his needs, which leads us to shape the housing, design the furniture and any accessories. This scrupulous method occurs to any kind of work, from smaller operations to bigger and more important projects.


EGO ARCHITETTURA has no standard solutions but develops projects ad-hoc for each customer because each of them has different needs and our concern is to transform the wishes of the Customer in environments/structures which reflect its expectations.

With the objective of commercial completeness EGO ARCHITETTURA provides, from the start to the completion of the project, a service of 3D VISUALIZATION. This allows the customer to have a better understanding of what EGO ARCHITETTURA will create for him. The 3D visualization covers both architectural artifacts in their entirety, but also individual rooms, custom-made furnitures, special finishes, lighting solutions, project concepts, mockups for environmental assessment.

EGO ARCHITETTURA uses an integrated design approach of developing all project phases, from the first design concept to its implementation, according to a predetermined path and accompanying the client in all its phases: systematic study of the environment, the concept of the project with 3D visualization service, choosing materials, estimating costs, construction permits, preparation of architectural/structural drawings, construction (using selected teams operating in the area), construction Supervision, Testing and Support to End work with delivery of Law Certifications.

Another service offered to the Customer by EGO ARCHITECTURE is the corporate image design. This means studying, for example, GRAPHIC DESIGN for advertisements, catalogs, brochures and billboards but also illustrations and visuals of the construction site and of environmental assessments.